LinkedIn Events are a powerful tool that helps promote your online and in-person events. 

In this video I show you how to create LinkedIn Events that let you capture the viewers contact information so you can follow up with them after the event.

Hey, it's Ted Prodromou, I want to show you how to set up LinkedIn events go to your home page on LinkedIn over.

On the left side, here, we have different events.

So you click plus now, this is really important, you want to choose the right type of event.

You can choose your company page or you can choose your personal profile. 

If you choose your personal profile, you just fill out the details, your name, the time it starts, the time it ends, nice description.

You always want to have a good, like a headline here for the event name, make it really catchy so people will be interested in it.

They'll come to the event to learn more about it.

And down here, you can make it private or public.

Leave that there, this is an online event.

If you're doing a webinar, go to webinar or zoom webinar, you put the registration link here, or if you're gonna broadcast through zoom, you put the RTMP link here.

You say this is a broadcast link, and you create that.

But when you create with your personal profile, obviously, you want to add a nice banner to and a picture.

It's only going to show your show in your newsfeed, but you don't get much information.

If you choose your company page, this is my company page here, same thing, event name, and the details.

Here you can add speakers. So if I'm having guest speakers, I type in their name, and I'll connect them to their LinkedIn profile, which is so say, if I'm going to do Jon, he'll, I'd pick Jon Keel.

It's going to be shown to his network know and my network.

So if you're a couple of different speakers, do you use that public event.

 And here's another one here, you want to use a LinkedIn registration form.

So when you do that, you have to put your privacy policy link here.

When people will register and they'll use their LinkedIn profile data. So you know, it's accurate, it's a good email address.

And you know, that informations correct, you can actually download the event detail the attendee details.

You can follow up with them through LinkedIn messages or imported into your email list and send them a thank you from your email list.

It's a great way to collect valid registration data contact information. And sound here, same thing, it's an online event, you can put your broadcast link in here.

This is critical that you do this. Less people will register, but you're going to get their contact information where if you don't use the registration form, it'll show up in your newsfeed.

And some people may or may not see it, but you don't have an easy way to follow up with everybody that watched it.

So definitely use this LinkedIn form registration form for your company privacy policy here and put the broadcast link and then create. And once you create the event, you can invite up to 150 people a day, who are in your LinkedIn network.

You can just scroll through all your connections, pick out the people you want to attend, and invite them to come to the event.

I would register at least two weeks in advance. Get your assistant to go through and invite 150 people a day to your event, and they get lots of registrations and you get lots of contact information. So that's it.

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