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Can You Email Too Often?

There’s an ongoing debate about how often you should email your list. I used to send an email once a week or once every other week.  Sometimes once a month. Definitely not on a consistent basis.  Most of my clients fit into the same pattern of emailing once in a while with no definite purpose. Last year I joined Copy […]

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From the “You Can’t Make This S^!t Department

As soon as I pressed SEND on yesterday’s email, I received this InMail message on LinkedIn. How would you respond?I might respond to this message if I knew the person and worked with them in the past or had colleagues who could vouch for him. But to enter into a business relationship with a complete stranger… No thank […]

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I used these lame tricks 10 years ago

I stumbled upon your profile and I see we have a lot of common interests.Let’s connect and see how we can do a joint venture.You “stumbled” upon my profile? I’ll give you one point for “trying” to be different but you can do much better than this. What interests do we have in common? Give me a […]

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Yesterday I Did it 16 Times!

Yesterday I received 16 robocalls. How many did I answer? ZERO How many did I call back? ZERO How many companies have I done business with from a robocall? ZERO Yesterday 22 people tried to sell me something on LinkedIn. That’s an average day for me. How many people did I reply to? ZERO Yes, you can sell your products and services through LinkedIn messages. But there’s […]

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Can you be too successful?

Tony Hsieh, the founder and CEO of Zappos died a couple of weeks ago in a house fire. He sold Zappos to Amazon for $1 billion and remained CEO until he stepped down in August. The end of his life was tragic. A spiral of alcohol, drugs and extreme behavior ended his life at just 46. Hsieh was a […]

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