Are you telling me I don’t have to create new content every day?

That’s music to our ears!

Recently I started posting more frequently.

I started doing LinkedIn Live interviews.

I started sending 4-6 emails a week.

I turned my emails into articles for LinkedIn and

I shortened my emails into LinkedIn status updates.

I posted my emails on my website as blog posts.

I posted my emails on my Facebook page.

I turned my emails into video posts.

Same content, different formats and different sites. 

Lots of content. 

The result?

My LinkedIn profile views declined over 20% for the past 30 days. engagement increased.

My LinkedIn articles were ignored unless I promoted them through Improved Together

Most of my traffic to came from LinkedIn status updates where I added an external link (usually a big no no)

Most of my website traffic came from LinkedIn status updates where I added an external link (usually a big no no)

What does this mean for you?

Test, test, test. 

LinkedIn expert and friend, Melonie Dodaro shared an interesting study from Onalytica. 

According to Onalytica, posting on LinkedIn just 2-3 times a week gives you the best results. 

Posting too often actually throttles your LinkedIn content.

I’m going to cut back to 2-3 LinkedIn posts per week to see what happens

Here’s the study

Are you seeing a change in the number of views to your LinkedIn content?

Jon Keel has been researching the shadowban effect which may also be throttling LinkedIn content. Jon will be giving an update to our Freedom Accelerator Academy members in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for lots of updates!

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