You are the solution to my problem, blog post written by Ted Prodromou

In Eugene Schwartz's Breakthrough Advertising book, he talks about the five stages of awareness. 

  1. Unaware 
  2. Problem aware 
  3. Solution aware 
  4. Product aware 
  5. Most aware 

I'll go deep into the five stages of awareness in my upcoming Linked Accelerator class. 

When you are unaware, you don't know you have a problem, and you don't know there is a solution or someone who can solve the problem. 

A few years ago, I started having vertigo attacks. 

Eventually, I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, an inner ear disorder. 

I didn't know what Meniere's Disease was, and I didn't know if there was a solution. 

I was unaware. 

When you are most aware, you know you have a problem, you know there is a solution, and you identify the perfect person to solve your problem. 

As I researched Meniere's Disease, I moved from unaware to problem-aware to solution-aware. 

I realized there was no easy solution. 

There is too much fluid in my inner ear, and one solution is surgery. 

There's a 50% chance I would lose my hearing in that ear if I had the surgery. 

Too risky for me. 

I explored other solutions as I moved into the product-aware stage. 

After years of research and countless YouTube videos, I learned about many holistic solutions that didn't work. 


I came across a YouTube video I thought could solve my problem. 

I moved into the most-aware stage. 

I found a chiropractor who focuses on upper cervical adjustments. 

After my first adjustment, I felt immediate relief. 

Doing periodic upper cervical adjustments relieves the pressure in my ear temporarily. 

It's not a perfect solution but it's the best solution I've found. 

What does this have to do with LinkedIn? 

How do you know what stage of awareness people are on LinkedIn? 

Inviting people to connect with a soft sell invite followed by a series of hard pitch messages MAY work if they are problem-aware and solution aware. 

If you help coaches create high-ticket offers, you could be the solution they need. 

How many of those coaches have been researching high-ticket offers and believe it is the solution they need? 

There are ways to tell. 

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