The day I dipped my toe into LinkedIn, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Have you ever dipped your toe into something new? 

How'd it go? 

For years, I dipped my toe into LinkedIn. 

To be honest, I was one of those occasional LinkedIn users logging in once or twice a month. 

I only had 642 connections when I wrote the first edition of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and it was more than enough. 

I would post content in LinkedIn Groups, LinkedIn Pulse (why did they buy and then kill the Pulse app?), and engage with other people's content. 

LinkedIn Answers was a big deal at the time so I would answer some questions. 

I would engage long enough to entice someone to get on a "discovery" call with me and I would get a new client. 

When the engagement was winding down, I would jump back on LinkedIn and repeat my process. 

Oh, how I miss the good old days.  

LinkedIn is a different animal these days. 

LinkedIn Groups have little or no conversation in most groups. 

Pulse was rolled into the newsfeed and content views plummeted. 

Today, the "norm" is to consider your LinkedIn connections as leads so you relentlessly pitch them until they buy or remove you as a connection. 

If I was going to be a LinkedIn thought leader, I had to up my LinkedIn game. 

No more dipping my toe in. 

Imagine if Bruce Springsteen passively dipped his toe into rock and roll? 

What if LeBron James passively dipped his toe into basketball? 

To succeed in business, you have to be all in. 

No toe dipping. 


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