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Guess what? I'm writing a book about LinkedIn for a major publisher (details to follow soon!). I'm going to post my drafts on this blog and I would love your feedback as the book develops. I'll be posting at least 5 times a week until I cover all of the topics in the book. I'll use your feedback as I develop the final version of the book so please follow along and leave your feedback, good or bad.

Why am I writing a book about LinkedIn when there's already a ton available? Well most of the books on Amazon are a couple of years old. There are some really good books but they only teach the basics of LinkedIn like creating your account, updating your profile and connecting with others.

LinkedIn has changed a lot in the past two years. They went public recently so they have a lot of cash to invest in site improvements. Boy have they improved the site, adding a lot of new features and tools.

When LinkedIn started, people thought it was just for connecting with past coworkers and finding a job. I signed up when LinkedIn first came out in 2004 and didn't really use it for a couple of years. I filled out my profile and connected with a few friends but I wasn't looking for a job so I didn't come back often. Today I use LinkedIn almost every day in my job as an Online Marketing/SEO Analyst for a major software company. We run B2B ads that generate great leads for our sales reps. I also participate in Groups and use the Answers section to do market research.

I'll get into more detail in my book about how I'm using LinkedIn today. Whether you're looking for job, looking for clients or want reconnect with past co-workers, read my blog and give me some feedback on the content that will become my book.

In my next post I'll show you how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed in LinkedIn and in Google searches.

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