Good vs. Evil. Why we love to hate the bad guys, by Ted Prodromou

There's nothing like the classic good versus evil story. 

I used to love watching Batman and Robin defeat the Joker. 

Superman battling Lex Luther. 

Luke Skywalker and Star Wars are the ultimate heroes journey of good versus evil. 

The eviler the villain, the more we hate them. 

Bill Gates became a villain when Microsoft dominated the personal computer space in the 90s. 

Who's more evil than Mark Zuckerberg? 

Elon Musk? 

Do we dislike these villains because they're at the top of their game and we're jealous? 

Or do we dislike them because they did evil things to get to the top? 

Microsoft was at the top of their game in the 90s because they bet the house on Windows. 

Their competitors were still focused on MS-DOS and never caught up. 

Microsoft didn't have to do anything to remain at the top, but they strong-armed PC manufacturers to include Windows and Internet Explorer on new computers. 

They got caught with their hand in the cookie jar which handcuffed them for years. 

Greed is never good. 

We all know Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for Facebook from the Winklevoss brothers. 

He also screwed his business partner Eduardo Saverin. 

And he continues to be perceived as one of the evilest people in the world. 

Elon Musk? 

He loves to create controversy. 

There are dozens of lawsuits by Tesla employees for workplace harassment but there's still a 10-month waitlist to buy a Tesla car. 

He told all of his employees that they must work in the office full time instead of letting them work from home. 

There are dozens of lawsuits about Tesla autopilot. 

Did he or didn't he have an affair with his best friend's wife? 

He invested billions of Tesla assets into cryptocurrency which has suffered a huge loss. 

Tesla shareholders are pissed. 

I won't even get started with Uber and Amazon. 

Eventually, evil behavior catches up to these guys. 

Karma always wins. 

Bill Gates handed the reins to Steve Balmer who did absolutely nothing to move Microsoft forward. Their stock remained stagnant for the entire decade Balmer ran the company. 

Yesterday, Facebook announced its first-ever decline in earnings. 

And they lost a record number of members. 

Ad revenue is plummeting. 

Tik Tok is kicking Facebook's ass. 

Sheryl Sandberg abandoned ship. 

Instagram users are up in arms with new updates that focus on video instead of images (are they trying to be like Tik Tok?). 

Is karma finally catching up with Zuck? 

Elon Musk doesn't seem to care that his companies are a toxic work environment. 

His focus these days seems to be keeping his name in the news. 

Twitter is suing Elon Musk because he backed out of his deal to buy Twitter. 

He publicly discredited Twitter management and their employees. 

He caused the stock to plummet. 

Twitter is laying people off and downsizing its offices. 

Will Twitter survive? 

Is Elon smoking too much weed? 

The tide is turning quickly. 

Gen Z is rejecting the older social media sites. 

People are tired of the political attacks on social media. 

I can post a picture of a beautiful sunset and somehow the comments will turn into a political shouting match. 

Will Facebook be able to adapt? 

Does anyone care? 

Will Tesla continue to dominate the electric car market as new competitors enter the marketplace? 

So many questions. 

Will good win over evil? 

I hope so. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts... 

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