If you've been following me for a while, you know I've been spending a lot of time at the dentist lately (I'm about to get my own parking space). 

I guess the law of attraction is in full force for me. 

One of the speakers at the Breakthrough Business Mastery Bootcamp was Emily Letran, a dentist who is a marketing genius. 

Emily was born in Viet Nam during the war. 

Soon after the war ended, Emily's aunt brought her to the US because Viet Nam was about to start two more wars. 

Emily started with absolutely nothing. 

Today, Emily is not only a very successful practicing dentist, but she's also a certified Brendan Burchard High-Performance Coach and she's active at the highest levels of the Dan Kennedy world. 

She's the best-selling author of From Refugee to Renaissance Woman which is her life story. 

If that isn't enough, Emily is also a gifted speaker. 

In her presentation, she shared some of her life stories and great tips for creating high-performing teams. 

Every once in a while, she would stop her presentation and throw out a zinger that cracked up the audience. 

At one point, she stopped and asked, "Did you floss this morning?" just like your mother would ask. 

The next day I went to lunch with Emily and learned more about her amazing journey. 

After lunch, Gary Barnes gave away a copy of my Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business Third Edition book, and guess who won? 


I was helping another attendee with her LinkedIn profile when Emily came up to me beaming with pride. 

She asked if I could sign the book for her and of course, I said "YES" 

You know I have a sick sense of humor, so I signed her copy of the book and left her a personalized bookmark. 

I used a piece of dental floss as the bookmark! 

Here's the book and floss and a picture of Emily and me. 

P.S. In case you're wondering, the dental floss was unused!

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