There's a financial advisor who constantly advertises on the local radio and television: 

If you lost money in 2008 when the financial and real estate markets collapsed, you need to protect your assets so you don't lose money when the market corrects. 

He's been using the same messaging for years. 

I get it. 

He's all about protecting your assets. 

Help me out here. 

The stock market is down 20% and he's telling me to call him so he can protect my assets. 

Didn't that horse already leave the barn? 

Is he telling me to buy high and sell low? 

You know I'm always harping about timing. 

Are you still trying to sell COVID masks? 

I saw a television commercial the other day promoting their new and improved mask. 

I'm sure the 800 number is NOT ringing off the hook, but you know what? 

I wrote this before I tested positive for COVID so the joke's on me! 

Anyone have a spare mask you can lend me? 

Speaking of timing... 

There's a lot of buzz about digital marketing not working as well as it did a few years ago. 

It was a big theme at this week's Traffic & Conversion Summit. 

I see a lot of people using the same funnel that was created in 2012. 

How's that working for you? 

Funnels were cool when they were new. 

Jeff Walker's Sideways Sales Letter was a game changer in its day. 

Mullets were also cool at one time but times change (no I never had a mullet, but I did have really long hair and sideburns in the 70s). 

Today, people know if they enter their email address to get an eBook or video, they're going to receive a slew of thinly veiled sales pitch emails. 

Be honest with me. 

How many eBooks have you downloaded and never read? 

I lost count. 

It's time to think differently. 

Facebook, Google and LinkedIn advertising revenues are down. 

People are more sophisticated, so we have to update our marketing. 

The business problems we faced in 2019 are very different than the problems we face today. 

Are you still selling solutions to 2019 problems? 

We have to create new offers to match today's problems. 

I'm offering Laser Coaching Sessions to help you: 

  • Research the problems your customers are trying to solve today 
  • Look at your offers to see if they're still relevant 
  • Update your funnel and lead magnet to solve 2022 problems 

If you're still marketing like it's 2019, it's costing you not only revenue but your reputation. 

Who wants to do business with someone who's still writing eZines and hosting their blog on Blogger? 

>>> Schedule your Laser Coaching Session 

As a bonus, schedule your Laser Coaching Session TODAY and I'll throw in a second session on me. 

Who doesn't love a Friday Two-for-One deal? 

P.S. Thanks for your kind words about my COVID adventure. It's day 3, still testing positive with very mild symptoms. Fingers crossed! 

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