What To Do When Your Audience Stops Showing Up, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I'm watching Amy Porterfield's Course, Confidential Bootcamp, where she's teaching people how to create their first online course. 

You're probably wondering why someone who's been creating online courses for almost 20 years is watching a beginner's level course. 

It never hurts to learn from someone who earns eight figures a year teaching online courses. 

Want to know my big takeaway from this course after two sessions? 

Amy Porterfield knows her audience. 

She speaks their language. 

Her audience is primarily independent professional women who want to supplement their income by creating an online course. 

They know nothing about creating an online course. 

They know very little or nothing about marketing. 

They know nothing about technology. 

How do I know these details? 

I've been watching thousands of comments scroll by as Amy teaches the course. 

Their comments tell me they are beginners. 

Their comments tell me they are paying attention to every word she says. 

Amy keeps this course content focused on educating people who know little or nothing about creating an online course. 

They are all fully engaged in the course because Amy makes them feel like they can do this. 

"You can create a successful online course if you know 10% more than your audience" 

To me, the course content is obvious. 

Amy is teaching "what" you need to do to create an online course. 

She's not teaching "how to" structure your course or "how to" set up the technology. 

In the VIP sessions, she's going deeper into "what" and shares a little "how to" information. 

Amy says the "how to" and tech knowledge requires a different mindset so she does daily mindset sessions to help us change our mindset. 

If you want to go deep into "how to" then you need to invest in her Digital Course Academy. 

When you are ready to grow your email list, Amy has a beginner's course for learning list building. 

When you throw the kitchen sink at people, they get overwhelmed. 

Amy knows her audience and creates a variety of courses that teach them what they need to know without overwhelming them. 

It's important to keep your finger on the pulse of your audience. 

Who are you attracting? 

Where are they in their entrepreneurial journey? 

Are you offering products and services that meet them where they are? 

For years, my products and services met my audience where they were. 

My Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business books taught the fundamentals of generating business through LinkedIn. 

I taught LinkedIn marketing to beginners and kept the content focused towards people getting started on LinkedIn. 

Over time, many LinkedIn users became more sophisticated, so I started teaching advanced LinkedIn marketing. 

I went very deep into advanced marketing. 

A few people kept up. 

Most didn't. 

I was still attracting beginners with my book, but I was teaching them advanced strategies. 

They stopped showing up for my mastermind calls. 

They stopped investing in my Linked Accelerator course because it was too difficult. 

Now that my book is a few years old, sales have declined, so I'm not attracting as many people. 

Last year, I stepped back from my business. 

I had to figure out how to meet them where they are. 

I could write the fourth edition of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, but that's an 18-month process to get on my publisher's calendar. 

I've been doing tons of market research and I have a good idea of what my audience needs. 

I'm creating new offers that meet them where they are. 

Next week, I'll be sharing a brand new offer I know you will love. 

I promise not to overwhelm you. 

Stay tuned... 

- Ted 

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