[tag]Michael Vick[/tag] is being charged with running a [tag]dog fighting[/tag] business. His partners have pleaded guilty in a plea bargain agreement and they're ready to tell all about the operation. The evidence against Michael Vick is overwhelming and he's trying to deny any involvement. It's another case of a celebrity thinking he's above the law.

Why do celebrities and polititians think they are above the law? We're struggling every day to make a living and they're making millions and breaking the law. Greed and arrogance seem to cloud their thought process. The more money they earn the more they want, even if they have to break the law to earn it.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of a small business. The most successful small businesses build a trusing relationship with their customers. The bigger the business gets the weaker the relationship becomes. When was the last time you shopped in a large store and felt like the people that worked there gave a hoot about you. Go to Home Depot and try to get someone to help you! There's a classic case of a business losing site of the importance of the customer relationship.

How strong are your relationships with your customers? Have you lost site of the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with your clients? Do something every day to make your relationships stronger. Focus all of your attention on your customers and show your gratitude every chance you get.


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