What if I need more than 20 questions? Blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Remember the game 20 questions? 

  1. Think of a person, place, or thing. 
  2. Have one player ask a Yes or No question. 
  3. Have the players continue asking questions until they correctly guess the person, place, or thing or they use all 20 questions. 

Like I said the other day, we're overwhelmed with too much information. 

We don't need 7000 AI prompts. 

We don't need 100 LinkedIn leads every day. 

We don't need 150 ways to lose our belly fat. 

We don't need 50 ways to sleep better. 

We need answers. 

We need answers that solve today's problems. 

That's why we hire mentors. 

An expert who's walked in our shoes. 

If you want to build a successful business, hire a mentor who has built at least one successful business. 

Don't forget to do your homework and make sure they're legit. 

In most coaching programs, the guru hangs out in their ivory tower. 

You're allowed to submit one question per call in advance and the guru MAY answer your question on a group call. 

If you're lucky, they will give you a short answer to your question. 

If you're really lucky, their short answer will solve your problem. 

You have follow-up questions, but you need to submit another request for the next group session. 

Very frustrating. 

Wouldn't you love to be able to ask your mentor 20 questions? 

What if you could ask your mentor as many questions as you want? 

UNLIMITED coaching. 

I'm testing a new UNLIMITED coaching program so you won't be left hanging. 

This program is limited to 5 people, so I can fully test the concept. 

>>> Are you interested in learning more? 


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