50 weeks straight. 

I started riding my 20-year-old exercise bike/clothes rack using the Peloton app 50 weeks ago. 

I made a deal with myself. 

If I’m still doing rides in June, I’ll reward myself with the Peloton bike (a hefty investment). 

On my birthday in late June, I completed my 100th Peloton ride and ordered a bike. 

This week I’m completing 50 consecutive weeks and I will complete my 300th ride. 

Never in my life have I been so dedicated to one task. 

Over the years I’ve invested a small fortune in exercise equipment and programs. 

Bowflex, Nordic Track cross country ski machine, a contraption like the Slim Cycle that hurt my back, free weights, P90X, Insanity, and on and on. 

Of course, I jumped in and worked out like crazy for a few weeks with each new gadget. 

Then the novelty wore off and I moved on to the next infomercial product or had to take time off to heal from an injury. 

Why is Peloton different? 

What’s kept me going for 50 weeks and I still look forward to my next ride? 

The Peloton community and trainers keep me going. 

When you jump on a live ride with 10,000 or more other riders you know you are part of a strong community. 

The gamification keeps me motivated. 

You earn badges when you hit milestones which seems silly but it works. 

You can also get a shoutout from the trainer when you hit a milestone. 

Deep down there’s a bigger reason I’m still going strong almost one full year later. 

My life. 

Every time I don’t feel like getting on the bike I think about my heart and lungs. 

I’m in a higher risk category for COVID-19. 

I’m over 60 with asthma and I’m still carrying around a few extra pounds. 

If I get hit with COVID-19 I want my heart and lungs to be as strong as possible. 

I do not want to be put on a respirator because my chances of survival are minimal. 

That’s what keeps me motivated. 

Now I’m applying gamification to my business and life goals. 

If we don’t set goals and work to achieve them, we tend to drift through life. 

Our businesses plateau. Our relationships plateau. We spin our wheels. We get bored and unmotivated. 

They say if your business isn’t growing then it’s only a matter of time before it starts declining. 

Once you start that downward spiral, it's hard to pull out of the tailspin. 

That’s why I’m setting clear goals for my business and my life in 2021. 

I want to work less and make more in 2021 (don’t we all?). 

I’ll be sharing my detailed 20x20 plan with you soon. That’s $20k/month working 20 hours a week or less. 

Why am I so motivated to achieve my 20x20 goal? 

My wife Ellen is going to retire from her career as a nurse practitioner next June. 

Our first grandchild is arriving at the same time Ellen retires. 

I’m motivated to nail my 20x20 goal for many reasons. 

I love what I do because I love seeing my clients succeed. 

I love the community I’ve built and I want to share it with more people like you. 

I want to keep helping my clients succeed AND spend quality time with my family. 

Call me greedy 🙂 

How about you? 

What burning desire is going to motivate you to make 2021 your best year yet? 

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