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From top to bottom, the Linked Accelerator Home Study Course is an exemplary work of both art and science, and it is personally guaranteed by Ted to get you immediate and lasting results.

As Ted’s signature home-study course, the Linked Accelerator System is delivered online so you can learn at your own pace. The course is laid out in a way that it is both logical and intuitive, and also extremely easy to use. Point being: you will not feel even the slightest bit overwhelmed; rather, you will feel calm and confident and know exactly what to do.

The course is broken down into five, paint-by-numbers, multimedia training-modules that have been scientifically proven to shorten your sales cycle, improve your networking skills, create massive customer referrals, and increase your closing rate dramatically.

And that’s only the beginning! With just a bit of practice, the Linked Accelerator System will turn you into a world-class LEAD PROSPECTOR, REFERRAL PARTNER and CLOSER—giving you the entrepreneurial edge it takes to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business environment and realize your dreams.

Students pay $997 for Linked Accelerator Live

Module 1 - Creating Your LinkedIn Strategy

Module 2 - Creating Your LinkedIn Foundation - Profiles That Grab Attention​

Module 3 - Building Your LinkedIn Network With The Right People​

Module 4 - Establishing Yourself as THE Go-To Expert In Your Industry

​Module 5 - Advanced LinkedIn Strategies That Get Results​

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What They're Saying...

This comprehensive course shows you how to increase your valuable contacts and maximize your influence with millions of key people.

Brian Tracy

As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted has to say.

Joel Comm 

Ted Prodromou wrote THE book on LinkedIn. I used to say the real secret to success is to get out there and work like hell butThe Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business is full of actionable strategies that will impact your bottom line immediately so you don’t have to work as hard."

Frank Kern
Direct Marketing Consultant

ONLY $297

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