Don’t worry. 

I’m not trying out for The Voice. 

I’ve been studying copywriting and writing for years. 

I heard it over and over. 

“You need to find your voice” 

I thought I knew what they meant but my copywriting and emails never felt right. 

Maybe I was sidetracked by gurus telling me to create my fictitious character. 

Russell Brunson calls it your Attractive Character. 

I tried to write from my Attractive Character perspective but my writing sucked. 

I tried using swipe files. 


I wrote four best-selling books in eight years but I still didn’t feel like I found my voice. 


I met Laura Belgray at Copy Chief Live in 2019. 

I immediately resonated with her humor and her style, 

Call it her “voice”. 

I jumped on her email list and invested $299 in her brand new Inbox Hero course. 

Laura clearly found her voice. 

I learned that pretending to be a fictitious character wasn’t right for me. 

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m brutally honest. 

I tell it like it is, good or bad. 

I don’t teach you to use gimmicks to grow your business. 

I’ve been burned too many times by “gurus” teaching gimmicks that get you banned by LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Reading Laura’s emails and following her advice in Inbox Hero helped me find my voice. 

Many of you thought I hired someone to write my emails after you experienced me writing in my authentic voice. 

I love it when you reply to my emails telling me you can’t wait for my next email. 

It’s me. 

Authentic Ted. 

Like me or unsubscribe. 

If you haven’t found your voice, watch my LinkedIn Live interview with Laura. 

>>> Watch Ted and Laura’s LinkedIn Live 

If you haven’t invested in Laura’s trifecta, now’s your chance. 

You can get Launch Hero, Inbox Hero, and Story Hero and start 2022 by finding your voice. 

Once you find your voice, you’ll attract like-minded clients who stay with you forever. 

Finding your voice doesn’t mean copy Laura or me. 

It’s about you being authentic with your readers so they can’t wait for your next email. 

Why am I promoting Laura when she’s not paying me a penny? 

Because I love to share programs and experts who have made a difference for me and my business. 

No hidden agenda. 

>>> Get Laura’s Trifecta today 

You’ll thank me later… 

- Ted 

About the author 

Ted Prodromou

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