When does it become TMI? 

People are sharing more on LinkedIn. 

Last year LinkedIn released Creator Mode to help content creators reach more people. 

Remember Pulse which became LinkedIn Pulse? 

Pulse was a popular content-sharing platform that worked so well, that LinkedIn purchased the app. 

Post an article on LinkedIn Pulse and thousands of people would see your content on LinkedIn AND Google. 

Pulse was the best thing since sliced bread for content creators. 

For some reason, LinkedIn integrated Pulse into the newsfeed, changed the name to LinkedIn Articles, and tweaked the algorithm. 

Today, LinkedIn Articles are a ghost town. 

I started posting my daily emails as LinkedIn Articles. 

Nothing but crickets. 

A few impressions, but only Likes and Comments from my super fans. 

As I post more content the impressions are growing but nothing like the good old days of Pulse. 

Creator Mode was designed to help our content reach thousands of people. 

I was one of the first to receive Creator Mode (I’m usually one of the last to receive new LinkedIn features) and I applied to become a founding member of the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator Program. 

I didn’t make the cut as one of the lucky 100 Creators, but I continue to follow their recommendations. 

Most content on LinkedIn is BOOOOORING "how to" articles. 

There's nothing wrong with sharing "how to" articles but make them interesting. 

You know what works really well? 

Read your content out loud before you post it. 

Even better record yourself reading your content out loud. 

Do you look and/or sound interesting? 

Do you look bored reading your own content out loud? 

Think about how your reader feels if you look bored as hell reading it. 

I've been sharing lots of stories on LinkedIn. 

If you've been following me, you know I don't pull any punches. 

I tell it like it is. 

I share my successes and I share my failures. 

Being vulnerable is really easy for me for some reason. 

You get to experience the real me because I'm a horrible actor. 

People can see right through me when I stretch the truth or try to lie. 

My mother always busted me when I lied. 

There's an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about oversharing on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn’s shift from the more buttoned-up corner of the internet coincides with a 40% increase in the number of members engaging with content on the platform between July of this year and last. 

People are sharing more personal information on LinkedIn. 

Is that why there is record levels of engagement on LinkedIn quarter after quarter? 

So how much sharing is TMI on LinkedIn? 

I don't share intimate details of my personal life. 

I do share funny or interesting stories about my wife and kids now and then, but I don't share many details about them. 

I don't share details of my sex life or a traumatic childhood (my childhood was like the Cleaver family - very normal). 

There are some people going deep into their childhood in their LinkedIn posts. 

One woman was a hooker, sexually abused, and lived in poverty growing up. 

Today she claims she's a super successful LinkedIn coach. 

She's sharing every intimate detail of her childhood and early 20s in her LinkedIn posts. 

She also posts pictures and videos of herself lounging by her swimming pool in her bikini. 

She claims she earned over $1 million on LinkedIn last year. 

Some people love to brag about how much money they make (most of these people are lying and/or will be broke within a year). 

Many of these vulnerable posts receive thousands of views and comments. 

Many of these "influencers" have hundreds of thousands of followers. 

I don't know how successful they really are, and I don't know if they're gaming the LinkedIn algorithm. 

What I do know is there are a lot of creepy, horny guys on LinkedIn who will follow a woman in a bikini on LinkedIn so they can see more revealing pictures. 

Does this content add value to a professional networking site? 

Sure, you want people to get to know, like, and trust you but do bikini pictures help you build business relationships? 

I do business with people who post relevant, useful business-related content on LinkedIn. 

I get to know them by engaging with their content and through LinkedIn messages. 

I prefer to do business with people my own age. 

Hiring a millennial to be my business coach would be a stretch for me. 

Maybe I would hire a twenty-something if I needed to learn Tik Tok or to run Facebook ads for me. 

Sorry, but I wouldn't hire someone who promotes their business on LinkedIn with bikini photos to help me with my marketing. 

Am I getting old? 

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