The real reason your customer avatar is attracting the wrong people, blog article written by Ted Prodromou.

Let’s be honest. 

Most of you don’t have a customer avatar or clear target audience. 

A handful of you have a customer avatar but it’s not bringing in sales. 

The rest of you target anyone you think is willing to pay you even if they’re not an ideal client. 

You may have noticed my latest rabbit hole. 

Researching customer avatars and target markets.

I’ve been through the customer avatar exercise more times than I remember. 

Never have I attracted my ideal client, Bob, who is married, has two children, and owns his own business. Bob and his wife Joan own their suburban house with no mortgage, he drives a Lexus, Joan drives the BMX X5 SUV, they’re both college educated, they love to travel, and on and on. 

Bob and Joan are fictional characters who I THINK I want to work with. 

Most ideal customer avatars are not real people. 

Like Ken and Barbie. 

Sure, there are millions of Bob and Joan’s out there but are they really your target market? 

You’re looking for prospects who have money to spend, are motivated, intelligent, and will implement your advice... 

…but there’s so much more to creating a profile of your ideal client. 

Here’s a taste of what I’ve found when researching how to create your ideal client profile. 


- Customer avatars are hard to create 

- They take a long time 

- Templated avatar worksheets are too generalized or too specific 

- You don’t need to know their hair color or the type of car they drive 

- You’re entering demographic and psychographics that match a customer you THINK or WANT TO BE your ideal customer. 

Most of the time your best customers don’t meet this generic profile. 


- Focus on the attitudes, behaviors, and motivators of a group of people not just one person 

- Interview your best clients and create a persona based on their demographics and psychographics 

- You need to search way beyond Amazon and Yelp reviews, Quora, Reddit, and Facebook groups to find out what your prospects are talking about. 

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