Swipe these LinkedIn messages, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

Seems like every day I receive an email or see an online ad about swiping emails. 

For $37 you can get dozens of emails that generated tens of thousands of dollars (at least that's what the ad says). 

I'm starting to see ads for LinkedIn messages too. 

Cut and paste these emails and sales will come rolling in. 

I have a massive email folder full of emails that caught my attention over the years. 

I used to use them to generate ideas for my emails. 

I've also invested in some of these swipe files to see what they give for $37. 

Years ago, I tried using swipe emails because the emails I wrote weren't converting. 

I even created landing pages using the same language hoping it would convert better than my sad marketing campaigns. 

I figured I could cut and paste my way to success. 

You probably guessed the swipe emails didn't work for me. 

This is before I got serious about copywriting and email marketing. 

I started learning from experts like Laura BelgrayJohn CarltonKevin Rogers, and other top experts. 

Why can't you cut and paste other people's emails? 

So many reasons... 

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, Shakespeare Was a Fraud, our writing has a fingerprint that can be detected by AI. 

Our writing is a different fingerprint than the swipe files. 

Just like our voice, people get used to the way we talk and write. 

When they receive an email in a different voice, it doesn't resonate with them. 

Most of these swipe emails were full of hype which is not my style. 

Instead of trying to leverage other people's work, focus on finding your voice. 

  1. Find a mentor you resonate with 
  2. Invest in their training 
  3. Be active in their communities 
  4. Write every day 
  5. Be yourself and be vulnerable 

In my next Linked Accelerator class, we'll be working on your LinkedIn messaging strategy. 

This isn't "buy from me" LinkedIn messages. 

Messages that start conversations and build relationships. 

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