If Zorro was on LinkedIn, blog article written by Ted Prodromou

I loved watching Zorro when I was a kid. 

Swinging from chandeliers. 

Overpowering ten men at a time with the slash of his sword. 

His mission in life was to right the injustices of the world. 

It turns out, Zorro didn't start out as a confident hero. 

The higher he flew, the further he fell until he felt out of control. 

Zorro hit bottom when he met sword master Don Diego. 

Diego had to teach Zorro to focus his attention. 

Instead of trying to save the entire world, Zorro had to be more disciplined. 

Diego drew a small circle in the dirt. 

He called this the Circle of Control. 

Zorro was forced to fight within this circle. 

"This circle will be your world. Your whole life. Until I tell you otherwise, there is nothing outside of this" Diego told Zorro. 

Once he mastered the Circle of Control, the circle would slowly expand as he mastered each level. 

This story is from The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life by Shawn Achor. 

It's the book of the month in our Mastermind Book Club

Fast forward to Zorro mastering his Circle of Control where he's the hero helping right the injustices of the world. 

How would Zorro use his Circle of Control if he was on LinkedIn? 

The biggest mistake I see on LinkedIn is everyone trying to be everything to everyone. 

People send 25-50 invitations a day to connect with random strangers. 

They follow up with generic sales pitches until people get annoyed and plead for them to stop. 

I admit I used to be one of those annoying LinkedIn members until I realized quality is much better than quantity. 

I created my own Circle of Control. 

My approach to LinkedIn is very focused. 

I stay in my lane and build relationships with a handful of people at a time. 

Building relationships with a few people helps me build a focused network that brings me better clients and a ton of great referrals. 

How can you create your own Circle of Control? 

The next Linked Accelerator class is coming soon. 

I'll show you how to create your own LinkedIn Circle of Control. 

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