Sarah PalinIt's Sunday and I feel like ranting so watch out!

Hurricane Ike roared through Texas over the weekend creating billions of dollars in damage. For days we've been hearing the warnings over and over again to evacuate if you live in the Houston area. The warnings were even blunt enough to say “Death is certain if you stay in your home” and we will not put rescue people in harms way if you chose to stay. The words “death is certain” were repeated over and over.

This morning I was watching the news and the reporters were interviewing people that chose to stay and try to cheat death. These people were complaining that nobody was coming to help them. One woman even said “I didn't think the storm would be as big as they predicted so i stayed”.

Duh? Did you watch the weather lady? Ike was bigger than Texas on the weather map. You didn't think that giant white blob heading right towards you was a big one? What would it take for you to evacuate? And why the hell are you bitching that nobody's here to help you when they told you they weren't going to risk their lives to protect idiots that ignored the warnings. It really is true that most
Americans have an IQ lower than their age!

On another note, why do all politicians lie constantly? Is it because they spew so much crap that they don't realize they're lying? Both the Democrats and Republicans are constantly ignoring the truth and making up stories as the go along. I guess they've known for a long time that they're dealing with a bunch of idiots (see rant above about people ignoring warnings about certain death) so why tell the truth.

I keep hearing Sarah Palin repeating over and over that she has never sought earmark spending while she's been Governor of Alaska. She even said she told Congress “Thanks but no thanks” for the $400 million for the bridge to nowhere. It turns out she never spoke to anyone in Congress about the money and she did accept the $400 million and used it for other projects in the state. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article that breaks down all of the earmarked money Palin has accepted as Governor while John McCain is running around telling everyone that she's never accepted any money. Lies, lies, lies. Check out the article at

Tomorrow we'll talk about the little white lies coming out of the other side of the campaign. I won't bother to bring up Hillary's claim to have to duck under the gunfire as she arrived for a speech a few years ago!

Enough ranting for now. Have a good evening.

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