“What do you want for dinner?” 

“Anything is fine with me” 

“How about Chinese food?” 

“Not tonight” 

"How about Italian food?” 

“Not tonight” 

“What do you want to eat?” 

“Anything is fine with me” 

We’ve all been there. 

No certainty so everyone is hungry and grumpy. 

You know I like to watch how other people market. 

I read a lot of emails, sales letters, watch webinars and sometimes get on sales calls to see how they close the deal. 

Ellen and I used to do a lot of timeshare presentations so she could get her “free” gift card. 

I liked to see the different angles they use. 

At one presentation, the sales rep even offered us a job because we knew so much about their tactics. 

They meet you where you’re at and take you down the rabbit hole with a relentless tag-team approach. 

“Make them buy or make them cry” one sales rep told us. 

Timeshare sales pitches have one purpose… 

…sell you a timeshare whether you can afford it or not. 


Most marketing emails and sales letters are terrible. 

Most of the time I have no idea what they’re selling. 

The lack of certainty confuses me.

A confused mind rarely buys. 

Sometimes they give you two or three options in one pitch. 

When you give people more than one option, they can’t decide so they don’t take any of your offers. 

For me to pull out my credit card, I have to be certain my investment will return many times more than what I pay. 

Dan Kennedy taught me to “take them by the hand and lead them exactly where you want them to go” 

If there is any doubt in their mind they will not invest in your offer. 

I saw this meme on Instagram, and it really hit home for me. 

My mind is like my internet browser. 

19 tabs open. 

3 of them are frozen. 

And I have no idea where the music is coming from. 

Not an atmosphere conducive to closing a sale. 

Unfortunately, this is how I feel after reading many sales pitches. 

How do you create certainty? 

  1. Your offer has to be so clear that Homer Simpson would know what you are selling (from Jeff Paul)
  2. Make sure you promote only one product or service per marketing message
  3. Your offer must make them feel “HELL YES this is the solution I’ve been looking for"

What makes you feel certain enough to pull out your credit card?

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