Strategy Session Details

Thank you for scheduling your strategy session

WARNING: this is not a thinly-veiled sales pitch

Preparing for Your Strategy Session

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your strategy session. This will be a working session where together we will work on your business. This will not be a hard-sell sales pitch where you will be guilted into purchasing something you can't afford. 

  1. Print out your survey results which we will be using as the agenda for our call
  2. Close the door of your office or make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted or distracted.
  3. Have a notebook or notepad available to take notes
  4. Reboot your computer before the call and test the Zoom link in advance to make sure your computer microphone and camera are working
  5. Close all windows and email on your computer so you can focus and get the most out of our 30 minute call. I charge my clients $500 for a call like this so this is your opportunity to pick my brain on my dime!
  6. Take 5 minutes before our call to get focused by taking some deep breaths or take a short walk to clear your mind. Don't hang up from a call and immediately jump on our call because you won't be focused.
  7. Prepare your questions in advance which we will have time to answer towards the end of our call.
  8. If you have any questions in advance, contact me at
  9. If you need to reschedule, please respect my time and reschedule the call at least 24 hours in advance. If you do not show up for our call then you will not be eligible for strategy calls in the future. 

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"As author of Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing, my publisher, Entrepreneur Press, asked me who should write their book on LinkedIn. I told them "Get Ted Prodromou.” Ted is an expert practitioner of direct marketing whom I enlisted to teach my own students on several occasions."

Perry Marshall

Online Advertising Expert

As the definitive social network for people doing business, entrepreneurs ignore LinkedIn at their own peril. Take the direct approach to reaching the movers and shakers by listening to what Ted Prodromou has to say!

Joel Comm

Author, Speaker, Podcast Host,

Everyone knows it smart to connect with over 580+ million business people on LinkedIn. However very few people know how to connect on LinkedIn profitably; without wasting tons of time and money. If you want to know the behind-the-scenes; real-world strategies, you need to read and listen to Ted Prodromou. Ted has helped me tremendously and his course is jam-packed with nuggets of instantly applicable tips and tricks to save you time and money… and give you a roadmap to actually making money on LinkedIn.

Scott Keffer

Financial Advisor Coach

I discovered Ted on LinkedIn and attended a webinar he was offering. It was the first in-depth training on LinkedIn I had ever had and it was an eye-opener. I’ve implemented as much of the training as I could and the results were immediate. The quality of the people responding to my group comments or postings, those viewing my profile and the number of connection requests have gone up significantly.
My greatest success so far was following Ted’s advice on building authority. My second publication on LinkedIn’s Pulse had nearly 9,000 views, 460 “likes”, and 59 comments within 2 days. The quality of the commenters was high and their comments provided me with a ton of content for further posts.
Anyone who wants to take their LinkedIn presence to a new level should get this book and take his course.

Tom Dewell

Executive Coach & Consultant

After targeting my LinkedIn profile using just some of the techniques Ted teaches,  I received in LinkedIn Mail from an HR Director from Sherwin Williams to speak for one of their training events.  Is doing business with a Fortune 500 company worth investing your time in your Linkedin profile? YES!!!

Elizabeth McCormick

Best-selling Author/The Pilot Speaker

Ted’s insights and coaching have been instrumental to our efforts for building an effective LinkedIn presence with our high-profile clients.  With his help we have developed a strategy to navigate LinkedIn in a manner that promotes the value we bring to high potential leaders and executives in Fortune 500 companies.  The breadth and depth of Ted’s expertise as well as his ability to patiently guide us through the LinkedIn maze has significantly impacted our bottom-line.  He is one of our most valued resources.

Susan Gatton

Executive Coach

Ted Prodromou is an excellent trainer on the topic of LinkedIn. I knew quite a bit about LinkedIn, so I thought, but gained so much more useful knowledge from Ted's teachings. It was one of the best investments I have made in my social media education. 

LinkedIn is changing constantly and is getting better all the time. Ted is on top of all the new changes and is really passionate about LinkedIn and its use as a viable business-building tool. He teaches in a very down-to-earth manner, which I like, and he is very integral in his methodologies.

I believe there is a very good window of opportunity in building a successful LinkedIn platform and Ted Prodromou can help you do that.

Maggie Holbik

Business and Social Media Coach

"Ted provided an incredibly simple solution to understanding and using LinkedIn. He was not only timely in his practical knowledge, but also innovative and creative in his application. Very personable and encouraging for supporting business success! Looking forward to adding the latest edition of his book to my library.

Andy Peterson

Director of Business Development

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