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I’m excited to introduce you to some new faces this month. I know so many amazing people and I enjoy letting them share this expertise with you.

In 2008, I spoke at a Meetup in San Francisco and shared How to Supercharge Your WordPress Blog. This is when WordPress was first gaining traction and most websites were still done in HTML.

One of the attendees was Sandra Possing, who at the time was working for an internet startup in San Francisco. Sandra also attended my all day WordPress class the following week and we kept in touch via social media over the years.

A few years ago, I noticed Sandra became a certified coach at Coaches Training Institute, where I received my coaching certification. She also attended their year-long Leadership program, just like I did.

We meet for lunch occasionally to catch up and help each other get past blockages in our business. I even hired Sandra to coach me through my transition from the corporate world back to consulting in 2013.

Last year Sandra experienced many dramatic changes to her life. She got married and took off around the world for almost a year. She lived the laptop lifestyle and continued coaching her clients from abroad.

Sandra’s mantra is all about freedom and being yourself as you’ll learn in her article. Definitely join her Facebook group, Freedom + Badassery and connect with her on social media.

Mitchell Levy is another new contributor this month. I’ve known Mitchell for many years from local networking events and now via social media. We reconnected last year in Austin at Alex Mandossian’s mastermind and I’ll be creating one of his infamous AHA books.

Mitchell is sharing Social Selling Through Thought Leadership: 5 Best Practices. Social selling is critical for sales teams to effectively communicate with their audience. There are new tools, techniques and technologies introduced daily and it's hard to keep up. With that in mind, one can't go wrote when making thought leadership a key consideration when deploying social selling techniques.

I’m also pleased to introduce you to my friend Gary Barnes, whom I met in a mastermind a few years ago. Gary is an amazing business coach who has overcome personal adversity and thrived which you can read about at

Gary is sharing The Power of “Yes”- The Secret to Success. The Power of “Yes” is simply seeing and engaging with opportunities that we are presented with. The Power of “Yes” is critically important because it keeps us moving forward.

Bob Woods is back sharing Social Selling: The Statistics. Don’t be overwhelmed with the title because we all know too many stats will overwhelm us.

While I figure that having so many stats out there about social selling is a good thing—it means people are talking about it—it can be overwhelming to boil it all down to just a few numbers that really prove social selling is much more than just being the new flavor in sales.

Michael de Groot is also back with Is Anyone in Love With Your Brand Yet? All successful businesses have a strong brand and even a solopreneur needs a strong brand.

This month’s interview is with Brian G. Johnson who built a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers in just one year. With minimal knowledge of YouTube, Brian completely immersed himself into learning YouTube and how to build a successful YouTube channel. Definitely check out this entertaining interview.

This month’s tutorial is about LinkedIn’s brand new Matched Audiences, which is their version of Facebook and Google’s Custom Audiences.

WOW that’s a ton of great content! I hope you enjoy it and enjoy the rest of your summer.

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