The first quarter of 2018 is in the books.

I’m sure you fall into one of these three categories:

– You are ahead of your financial goals

– You are behind your financial goals

– You didn’t set financial goals

I’m a big believer in setting goals, both personal and professional goals. If you’re not measuring your progress, how do you know if you’re growing and moving forward? If you and/or your business aren't growing, then your business is going to eventually fail.
For many years, I tried to keep my business small so I could spend quality time with my family. I made great money but I wasn’t focused on expanding the business. I had a handful of great clients who kept me busy and comfortable for many years. When the dot com crash hit, they ended my contracts as they cut costs. All of a sudden I had no income and I had to start all over.
My advice to you is to set goals and keep growing personally and professionally. You can not run a business which is just treading water and not focused on growing. Eventually it will catch up with you.
Also we are in the 8th consecutive year of massive growth in our economy. We’re approaching record low unemployment and record revenues for many companies. We all know the economy will not continue to grow forever. Eventually the economy will slow and someday we will enter a recession, guaranteed. What are you doing now to prepare for the eventual slowdown in the economy? It may not happen for a few years but if you are prepared, your business will be able to survive with minimal impact to your bottom line.
This month our all-star lineup of contributors continues to get better and better.
My copywriting mentor, John Carlton is our featured contributor shares one of his recent blog posts, It Ain’t Complicated. What I love about John is his no-nonsense approach to life. In this blog post John goes deep on how Carlton’s First Inconvenient Rule of Entrepreneurship (“Step one is to implement a simple idea that succeeds; step two is to complicate the shit out of that simple idea so it eventually fails”) also applies to the civilization around us.
World-traveler, Melonie Dodaro, is back with her take on the decline in Facebook usage which is declining even faster since the disclosure of a major data breech. The issue of our privacy and data security are front and center these days so we’ll be sharing a lot of best-practices in the future.
Next up is Eric Lofholm, top sales expert, shows us how to double sales using webinars.
Eric teaches us how to leverage the four types of webinars:
– One-on-one webinars
– Group webinars
– Automated webinars
– On-demand webinars
I would like to welcome one of the top social media experts, Kim Garst who is on of the Top 10 Social Media Power Influencers according to Forbes. Kim is sharing Free is the New Broke: Why Free Media Rocks, But May Not Be Enough.
If you’re like most business owners, you struggle with getting traffic and sales. You may also be perpetually frustrated by the lack of reach and engagement you get on social media (especially Facebook!).
It’s ESPECIALLY frustrating when you’re told again and again how amazing Instagram/email marketing/SEO/etc. is, but yet it’s just not working for YOU.
Sandra Possing is back! Sandra and I have been friends since 2008 when she attended my SuperCharge Your WordPress blog class in San Francisco. I watched her grow into a highly successful coach by sharing her passion for life and caring about others.
Sandra’s article is Putting in the Work and Doing the Thing. Think about some of your goals and dreams. Are there any of them that truly inspire you, but you just aren’t making progress or seeing results? If so, ask yourself this: Are you actually putting in the work?
This is one of the areas where I see people get stuck: not putting in the work.
That’s our lineup for this month. If you want to contribute to future issues or have feedback on how I can improve Social Selling Made Easy, send your suggestions to
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