I’m seeing more political posts on LinkedIn. 

It saddens me to see the Facebook political cesspool spilling over to LinkedIn. 

I’ve pretty much abandoned Facebook because I can’t stand the bickering and flood of fake content tearing our country apart. 

People aimlessly sharing content designed to polarize our country. 

There’s no way most of the content could be true because it’s so ridiculous. 

But it triggers a dopamine rush of anger. People instantly click Share and write angry comments without evaluating the content. 

Then we have people calling each other names like 1st graders. 


You think calling someone a libtard or a racist is going to convince them to vote your way? 

Think again. 

Yesterday I saw a post on LinkedIn asking if it’s appropriate to post political content on LinkedIn. 

At last count, there were over 10,000 comments. 

And the debate immediately got ugly. 

Name calling and threats. 

Just like Facebook, the comments were clearly divided into "I love Trump" and "I hate Trump". 

No middle ground. 

Some people said politics is part of business so it’s okay to discuss politics on LinkedIn. 

Others say politics has no place in the workplace. 

I see lots of great conversations on LinkedIn about business-related topics. 

People voicing their opinions and some great back and forth debates. 

But once you add politics to the mix, the conversation turns into an ugly shouting match and name calling. 

No debate. No listening. 

Just name calling and ugliness. 

"I love Trump" or "I hate Trump" 

And lots of fake content to back up their argument. 

It’s sad to see LinkedIn go down this ugly rabbit hole because we all lose. 

What do you think? 

Is it okay to post political content on LinkedIn? 

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