I'm convinced that Seth Godin does not sleep and lives on an intravenous supply of energy drinks. How can one person write so many great books and continuously pump out tons of valuable information. Of course we all know that he must have a team of crack researchers that scour the internet constantly and I'm sure they use an array of tools that work 24/7. But the quantity and quality of information is phenominal.

Here's a recent post on Seth's blog that leads you to some valuable information if you're a social media junkie. A list of social news sites that will keep you up for days. Take a look at http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2008/01/more-marketing.html but make sure you don't get lost! I bet you'll start scanning these sites and the next thing you know it's morning and you forgot to go to bed.

Sign up for updates on Seth's blog because I'm sure it will improve your bottom line (if you actually drag yourself away from your computer and implement his suggestions!)

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