Have you been watching the NFL playoffs? [tag-tec]Brett Favre[/tag-tec] is 38 years old and he's having one of the best seasons in his entire career. He's running around like a mad man and he's having a ball. It's so rare to see a professional athlete actually having fun playing a game. Most athletes are under so much pressure that they look stressed beyond belief and often make mistakes. Not Brett. He's a total wildman completely out of control on the field.

Brett Favre is the anti-quarterback. The stereotype quarterback is [tag-tec]Roger Staubach[/tag-tec] or [tag-tec]Joe Montana[/tag-tec]. They're polished, composed, and always under control. They practiced their plays over and over and always threw with picture perfect form. Every move was choreographed and they rarely looked out of control on the field. Both quarterbacks were cool as a cucumber even when the pressure was on.

Brett Favre is anything but under control on the football field. He scrambles like a madman, throws the ball when he's falling over, throws more interceptions than most quarterbacks and looks horrible some days. But you know what? Brett is a winner. He makes the impossible plays and wins game after game at the very end. He does whatever it takes to win the game even if it means taking huge chances. Sometimes the chance pays off and sometimes it costs him the game. But when Brett takes a chance when the game is on the line he pulls it off almost every time. Brett is a winnner and makes the game fun.

A few weeks ago after throwing a long pass to his receiver, Brett was running down the field for the next play. It was very cold that day in Green Bay so he ran up behind one of his lineman and gave him a huge slap on his butt. The lineman jumped into the air because it hurt so much and turned around ready to fight. He saw it was Brett messing around during the game and he laughed.

Yesterday in the game it was snowing so hard in [tag-ice]Green Bay[/tag-ice] that you couldn't see the field. In the middle of the game, Brett makes a snowball and hurls it at one of his players. Later in the game one of his teammates hit him back with a snowball loosening up the team. The Packers went on to win both games easily because they were loose and having fun.

Do you take chances with your business? Are you having fun or are you so stressed that you hate coming to work every day? Take a queue from Brett Favre and let loose at work. Have some fun and enjoy yourself. When your customers see you're having fun and enjoying yourself, they'll be back and I'm sure they'll be talking about the crazy business owner that's having a ball at work.

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