This popped up on my LinkedIn newsfeed this morning. 

When 82 students at New York University signed a petition complaining that an organic chemistry course was “too hard,” they didn’t ask for the professor who taught the class to be fired. But NYU terminated Dr. Maitland Jones Jr.’s contract, The New York Times reports. 

The decision has prompted debate about how much support colleges owe students as we emerge from a pandemic, outrage over how much power Gen Zers have over non-tenured professors, and concern that reduced academic rigor could result in less qualified professionals — in this case, doctors. 

Imagine not feeling well and going to your doctor to hear him/her say: 

"I know you aren't feeling well but I can't help you because that organic chemistry class was just too hard, so I don't know what to do." 

Obviously, these students didn't have depression-era parents. 

My father would wake me at 6 AM in the summer when I was 10 so I could go to work with him at his restaurant. 

We made everything from scratch every day including the cakes, pies, bread, rolls, and even the mayonnaise, chocolate and butterscotch, and salad dressings. 

To this day, I still love cooking, but I was NEVER allowed to say anything was too hard. 

"Suck it up, son. I grew up in the depression and we had absolutely nothing." 

Life is hard. 

Business is hard. 

Suck it up. 

End of my COVID-infused rant. 

I'm on day 9, feeling pretty much okay and still testing positive. 

Ellen and I are getting a little stir-crazy hanging out at home hence the rant. 

Our trip to New York for her niece's wedding is obviously off the table which disappoints us to no end. 

To break up the monotony, I was thinking it's time for one of my infamous Free Coaching Fridays. 

We meet on Zoom, and you can ask me anything about your business, your marketing, LinkedIn, sports, or anything other than politics and religion. 

Let's meet at Noon Pacific/3 PM Eastern. 

No need to register. 

>>> Here's the Zoom link 

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