I’ve been a big fan of Sales Navigator for years and it’s a mandatory tool if you are using LinkedIn to generate leads. Occasionally my clients will balk at the investment and I ask them what a new client is worth to them in dollar value. I then ask them “if you could close one more deal every month, what you it do for your bottom line?” They never balk at the $1200 per year investment after we do the numbers. 

One of my favorite features of Sales Navigator is the lists feature. Lists lets me segment my sales pipeline in a way that makes sense to me. I can also share my lists with team members so we can collaborate and coordinate our prospecting. 

You can create Lead Lists and Account Lists. This lets you follow individuals as well as your target accounts. You can see when people are active on LinkedIn, when they’re mentioned in the news, when they change jobs. Not everyone logs into LinkedIn every day so knowing when they’re posting content or commenting on other people’s content lets you get their attention by commenting on the same content. This gets you on their radar and they often view your profile when you comment on their activity. 

You are also notified when accounts are in the news. This lets you quickly reach out to your prospects and clients to congratulate them about their new product releases or acquisitions. 

Here’s an example how I recently used lists to organize the leads I generated from a video posted on LinkedIn.

  1. I created a one minute video offering a LinkedIn cheatsheet which was 10 things you can do on LinkedIn every day. I created this cheatsheet because people always tell me they don’t know what to do on LinkedIn after they log in.
  2. People added “LinkedIn cheatsheet” in the comments if they wanted a copy
  3. If we were already 1st level connections, I sent the PDF via LinkedIn message.
  4. If the lead looked like a potential client, I tagged the contact in Sales Navigator with a tag called LinkedIn cheatsheet. I also added each contact to a list called LinkedIn cheatsheet if they looked like a potential client.
  5. If we were 2nd level connections, I invited them to connect so I could send the PDF via LinkedIn message. I added over 1000 new LinkedIn connections many of whom were potential clients. After we became 1st level connections, I tagged them and added them to my list if they were potential clients. 
  6. I received over 2800 comments and sent the PDF to everyone who was or became a 1st level connection. 
  7. In the end, I had over 800 potential clients in my LinkedIn cheatsheet list on Sales Navigator. I shared the lead list with my colleague so we could start following up with our new leads. Many of our new leads turned into clients with minimal effort. 
  8. 30 days later, we sent another message to everyone on my LinkedIn cheatsheet list to see if they were using the list and found it useful. I added “reply to this message if you have any questions or want to schedule a 10 minute call to go through your daily LinkedIn routine.” This resulted in close to 50 ten minute conversations many of which turned into new clients.
  9. I had no idea my video would generate over 100,000 views, over 2800 comments and 800 potential clients so it was overwhelming to say the least. Using Sales Navigator tags and Lists, I was able sort and track the leads which resulted in a nice payday. 

If you want a free copy of my LinkedIn cheatsheet (no opt-in required), visit https://tedprodromou.com/cheatsheet/  

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