LinkedIn Cheatsheet

The key to success on LinkedIn is consistency and momentum. When you are active on LinkedIn at least five times a week, people will begin to notice you and your company. As your LinkedIn network grows, your profile will appear in front of thousands of other LinkedIn members in the People Also Viewed sidebar and Recommended for You section under Your Network. 

Here are a few tasks I do on a regular basis to grow my LinkedIn network and generate new business.

Daily LinkedIn Routine

  1. Scan your newsfeed and Like, Comment and Share great content posted by your network
  2. Accept new Invitations when they are appropriate for your network
  3. Send new connections a welcome message thanking them for connecting (no sales pitch please!)
  4. View your Notifications to see who responded to your posts and see what’s happening in your network. Thank people for liking or commenting on your content.
  5. Check your LinkedIn messages and continue conversations you started with your welcome message. Send short messages to people you want to get back on your radar. Look for business opportunities.
  6. Look at Who’s Viewed Your Profile and connect with people who are a good fit for your network
  7. Invite at least 10 people to connect every day
  8. Post at least four updates on your newsfeed every week. Share your own content or interesting articles you come across on popular industry news sources.
  9. Post at least one informative video every week on LinkedIn
  10. Have fun!

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