Nikola Tesla's Longevity Secrets, Blog Article written by Ted Prodromou

It's Friday, and I thought you'd like to end the week with something different. 

Many people are obsessed with longevity and the desire to live as long as possible (I'm not one of them LOL).  

Would give up s#x to add 20 years to your life? 

I read an interesting article in Popular Mechanics (yes, I am a nerd at heart) about the infamous inventor Nikola Tesla. 

Tesla invented Alternating Current (the way our electricity is delivered), radar, x-rays, radio, remote controls, and more. 

Tesla lived to 86, well beyond the average age of 62. 

How did he do it? 

He ate only two meals a day (intermittent fasting years before its time). 

He ate plenty of protein and fats. 

He rarely ate meat, focusing on legumes, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruit. 

He ate egg whites, but no yolks to avoid uric acid. 

He walked 10 miles a day (and you struggle to reach 10,000 steps a day). 

No cigarettes, coffee, or s#x. 

He was married to his job of inventing, so he didn't have time for s#x. 

Instead of bathing with water, he bathed in electricity (do NOT try this at home!). 

His inventions were revolutionary and his health habits were way beyond his time. 

Unfortunately, he died broke after his Wardenclyffe laboratory went bankrupt. 

He tried tirelessly to create a system that would deliver electricity wirelessly, just like our cell service, which eventually bankrupted him. 

Here's the entire article for more! 

Happy Friday. 


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