November 11

Never Say Die with Nicole Jolie

nicole_smile_close_up-jpgNicole has come from a varied and wildly entertaining past and background. Some call it “drama” some call it “fascinating” Nicole refers to it as her life. Her story scares most people and they have no idea what to do when they listen. Do they bite their nails, do they cry, do they turn around and walk away?

No, most of them judge and judge harshly with the venom of a cobra and then cast her and her story away like a pebble in a pond that skips a few beats on the slick surface only to sink quickly to the bottom with a “kerplunk”.

Most recently, Nicole has trademarked her own line of anti aging skin care for athletes that has most of the  same ingredients that Meaningful Beauty, Obagi and Christie Brinkley's lines have in them. She has created her own social media company called Socially Smashing and worked with some  influential marketing minds.

In 2004 she set up an online meetup type group for singles, divorced and separated people in Carmel-by-the-sea, CA.

She started marketing both on and off line to people who were recently divorced, separated or single and wanted to taste wine at a nominal fee at cool restaurants, sending emails and posting on a makeshift page that an engineer at Apple hosted for her.

Nicole has been a USA Triathlon Coach, Swim Coach and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. She has built and maintained her triathlon team in Las Vegas.

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Nicole has worked for some incredibly fascinating people, and she's been homeless. Nicole quit school at 13, became emancipated from her mother and started her own cookie company with a friend.  She rode her bike and drove a car (illegally) to deliver the cookies.

Nicole ended up getting her degree in Finance – her biggest regret in her life. The story goes on and this is just a little bit of the pebble skipping over the smooth surface of the water.  Nicole's dream is to become an inspiration, write her book and create a lifestyle that she has always wanted for herself, because in the end, “it's all about Me.”  

I think I'm going to name my book, “It's all about me.”


nicole jolie

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