perry marshallWho is your mentor? If you don't have a mentor, you need to get one now. All successful people have a mentor who teaches and guides them as well as acting as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

Perry Marshall has been a mentor to me longer than any of my other mentors (yes I have more than one!). I met Perry at a Dan Kennedy conference around 2004-2005 where he did a presentation on Google Adwords. This was a time when you could get Adwords clicks for a nickel and very few businesses understood the power of Adwords. Fortunately for me, Perry understood the power of Adwords before most people and established himself as THE go-to guy. I've been a Planet Perry disciple ever since (long before it was called Planet Perry).

Well, Perry made me blush this week. Here is a message he sent to his followers this week where he went on and on about me. As you see, I've invested a lot of money with Perry and the returns have been exponential. He not only taught me Google Adwords, which landed me a job when I really needed one a few years ago. He also taught me how to market and sell. He also taught me about having the right mindset and staying positive when things aren't exactly going well. My business collapsed a few times in the past decade and Perry taught me how to pick myself up, dust myself off and move forward. I'm forever greatful to Perry and I know I have a lifelong friend who I can call anytime.

Here's what Perry sent to his followers this week. By the way, I'm joining the Bobsled Run again this fall, for my 3rd time! If you want to join me, click here.

Remember the Weebles toy commercials from the 70's? I love how Weebles became a picture of resilient people.

Long-time Planet Perry member Ted Prodromou (pronounced “Pro-dro-mo”) signed up for our Bobsled Run something like seven years ago. He got himself a rock-solid “sales funnel education.”

This was pre-economic meltdown. Ted went out and did all kinds of consulting, did all kinds of interesting stuff, and generally earned himself some fine dinero.

He came to a 4-Man Intensive, where he was one of the first people to tell me about Twitter. I told him to write a book on it.

Then the economic crash came, fishing holes dried up, so he got himself a cushy job in Silicon Valley.

A few months later he posted this on my blog:

“Think about using your knowledge managing AdWords campaigns as a consultant or for a company. There are tons of online marketing jobs out there right now and most pay over six figures. “I never thought I could go back to a real job but I love getting that steady paycheck and going home at five every day not worrying about keeping my business going. Plus I'm consulting on the side still, so I'm making more than I ever have.”

Ted eventually did take me up on that advice to write a Twitter book. It's called “The Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business” and he also wrote “The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business.” Both by Entrepreneur Press.

Last year the company he was working for got a new director. The guy thought he was way smarter than Ted and his “measly” 6:1 ROI on paid traffic.

Ted left, went back into consulting, has had clients lined up to do business ever since.

Last January he joined Roundtable and I'll be seeing him again in October.

Well here's the thing about Ted:

He doesn't wear a three thousand dollar suit.

He doesn't talk 900 miles an hour. He doesn't really do anything at 900 miles an hour.

He's not going to shout over all the fools and imbeciles to make himself heard. If you want to hire a fool or imbecile to drive your company into the ground, he won't stop you.

And Ted will still be plugging along after the imbecile has long disappeared with all your money.

Ted is “steady as she goes.” He methodically cranked out one book, then another, and he has the goods. He delivers.

In a world with so many “boys of summer” and Beanie Babies that are all the rage and then go bust, he is the kind of guy that Planet Perry admires.

What did Ted get from Bobsled Run?

Certainly he learned a bunch of hot approaches and techniques. But more importantly, he acquired a master marketing framework that he then hung everything else on, all that he's learned in the time since.

He didn't learn LinkedIn in Planet Perry. He didn't learn Twitter here either.

But you could wake the man from a deep sleep and he would always know in his bones what these platforms should DO for you, and which parts are a pure waste of time.

That's what you get from Bobsled Run.

We call it Bobsled Run cuz it goes FAST. What most courses would take two years to cover, we teach in 12 weeks.

Cuz we don't waste your time.

You can squander the next two years banging around in the online education pinball machine if you prefer, but I suggest you set a bunch of stuff aside and discover how to build a sales machine the right way.

Do it ONCE and do it right. The first time.

The doors open in a few days. Stay tuned for the training sessions.

And always remember: RESILIENT PEOPLE – Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.

Seize the Day.

Perry Marshall

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