Mastermind With Ted

This event is a live mastermind group that gathers for an intensive two day private meeting in beautiful South Lake Tahoe on September 9th and 10th.

The group is limited to 10 businesses and you may bring a business partner.

During the mastermind, you will be working on your business not in your business.

In this group, avid entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together, solve tough problems in real time, share the results of their latest innovations and experiments. We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

Everyone will get a turn in the hot seat and the group will brainstorm solutions to one of your biggest business challenges.

We will also develop a LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business during the mastermind if you are interested.

Guest speakers will also share their expertise with the group.

We will meet from 9 AM until 5 PM each day.

There is also a group dinner on the night of September 9th.

You also receive two one-on-one coaching sessions with Ted after the event to keep your momentum moving forward.

If you are interested in golf, we may play a round at the beautiful Edgewood Golf Course on Wednesday September 11th, if we have enough interest.

Contact Ted at or (415) 233-7234 if you have any questions.

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