journeyI've been talking with a lot of clients, members of my No Nonsense Mastermind and business owners who signed up for my free strategy sessions. Many of them are frustrated that their marketing isn't working. The good news is they're marketing. The bad news is they don't have a marketing strategy and aren't tracking their campaigns.

If you don't know where you are going, how do you know how to get there?

I've met countless struggling business owners over the years who say they don't have time or can't afford to market. Have you ever seen a successful business that didn't market effectively? If you don't invest time and effort into marketing your business, your chances of success drop significantly. That’s why most businesses fail within five years.

I've met other business owners who expect instant results when they start their marketing campaigns. You can get instant results in some cases, like selling B2C,but it's much more difficult when you're selling B2B. If you sell products and services to other businesses, you know it takes time to build a relationship with a prospect. They won't buy from you until they know you, like you and trust you. That's hard to do with one click on an ad and a landing page if they aren't familiar with your business.

The biggest reasons your marketing may be failing include:

1. You don't have a well-documented marketing strategy
2. You aren't measuring your results and/or split-testing
3. You aren't advertising in the right places
4. You aren't offering the right whitepaper or video
5. You don't have a consistent brand message
6. You aren't spending enough money on your marketing
7. You aren't marketing consistently

Marketing is a journey, not a destination!

It takes time to develop your marketing strategy and find the messaging that resonates with your audience. You have to constantly test new messaging and ad content until you find the winner that attracts prospects and turns them into customers. Once you find the winner, you need to continue testing additional messaging to see if you can beat your control messaging.

Marketing is a never-ending process of testing, measuring, testing and measuring again. You can’t rush great marketing but once you find your winning message, you’ll quickly see results including an increase to your bottom line. Nothing makes you feel better than seeing that bottom line taking off!

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