This is the subject line of an email I received the other day. 

The subject line caught my attention so kudos to the author. 

Do I believe you can have success on LinkedIn for only $49? 

It depends how you define success. 

If you consider LinkedIn success as sending 100 invitations and 500 templated sales pitches every week then you are the lucky winner. 

And you're only paying $49 a month! 

Does this approach get you great clients? 

Probably not. 

You know I'm not a fan of auto-blasting sales pitches. 

If you use your tools properly, I believe you can have success. 

Over the years, Ellen and I tried our hand at home remodeling. 

We bought lots of power tools. 

Turns out we are really good at knocking down walls, but we suck at putting things back together. 

We have the right tools, but we don't have a clue how to use them properly. 

Our drywall and bathroom tile projects never turn out like they do on the HGTV makeover shows. 

I have a ton of respect for contractors who know what they are doing, and I gladly write them a check to make our house beautiful. 

Back to the LinkedIn tool for $49. 

I've dabbled in many LinkedIn tools over the years. 

They all help automate your LinkedIn activity but... 

...your success depends how you use the tool. 

It feels like at least 90% of the invitations and "welcome" messages I receive are automated sales pitches. 

You can feel the inauthenticity and desperation. 

Why waste time building a relationship? 

Let's go for the sale right away. 

If they say no, blast away until someone says yes. 

Remember people don't log into LinkedIn hoping someone will sell them something. 

People log into LinkedIn to build their professional network. 

I've said it a million times... 

Spend your time on LinkedIn building relationships. 

Help people. 

Answer questions. 

Comment on their content. 

When they trust you and perceive you as an expert, sales will come. 

It's pretty simple. 

About the author 

Ted Prodromou

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