LinkedIn recently announced they were discontinuing lead collection in LinkedIn Advertising. In case you're not familiar with the lead collection option in LinkedIn ads, lead collection let you collect leads directly into your LinkedIn account. This let you build a targeting collection of contacts from your LinkedIn ads, but you had to reach out to the contacts through LinkedIn email or export the contacts and import them into your CRM system. This was an awkward solution that was rarely used by LinkedIn members.

Here's the official announcement from LinkedIn.

At LinkedIn, we want to provide a simple and useful experience for our members. From time to time, we take a closer look at how our features are being used by our members. Sometimes that means we decide to eliminate a feature so we can better invest those resources in building new LinkedIn products. That's why we've decided to discontinue Lead Collection as of July 15, 2014.

Until July 15, you'll still be able to view your leads gathered in Lead Collection. Please note this change doesn't affect leads you've generated through other LinkedIn tools or leads you've captured on your landing page forms.

We're working on a better way for you to generate leads for your business. Until then, the best alternative is to capture leads with your own form on your landing page.

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