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Simply, every section in this program, “LinkedIn Accelerator” is there because it is what you need and want. You see, I’m the author of “Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business” and I’m a frequent contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine and I’ve been featured in the NY Times and I was a contributor to a Twitter documentary on CNBC. I’m not telling you all this to brag. I’m telling you that I’m an expert on social media and I know what I’m talking about. None of the other programs out there offer you the scope and depth that you’ll find in “LinkedIn Accelerator,” because those “gurus” don’t have the experience that I do.

I’ve taken my book and made it into a powerful video series. You get over 10 hours of video content – all of it useful. “LinkedIn Accelerator” is a step-by-step video training series that shows you how to dominate LinkedIn in short “how-to” videos.

Linked Accelerator teaches the latest and greatest LinkedIn tools and techniques that will change your business. All training is updated monthly. No other program out there can offer that.

You see, I was on a mission to help my clients get profitable results (you know… money!) from LinkedIn.  Well, was doing all the wrong things — struggling for what seems like forever.  Sound familiar to you? 

But yes, I was on a mission to figure out LinkedIn and when I would finally get it figured out, LinkedIn would roll out more changes that rendered everything I’d learned useless. Finally, I was thrilled to “get it!”    My pain is your gain too, because…

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“A fantastic guide to making the most of LinkedIn's service offering… I was mistakenly treating LinkedIn like an online resume or a place to add discussions to our company group page. How wrong was I! There's so many more opportunities to network, make new connections and even find business… I've updated my profile, started connecting with a few people, am answering questions in the Answers section and am really using this tool for what it is – a great place to find new professional connections.” Nicole Sterling

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Most people have no answers and they continue to struggle with LinkedIn and social media.  Forever trying the same things over and over again.  It’s no wonder they struggle and fail too, because most people never got serious about figuring out LinkedIn at all.  I mean, they were a little serious and uncomfortable about it, but never got serious enough to fix it once and for all!

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To have a Social Media “Guru” do all this for you — to have someone share all this information with you — would START upwards of $5000.  To set up your profile (keywords, multimedia, presentations), do all the writing, the fees to set up and maintain the campaigns, over $3000 per month.  You could spend months (not hours, days, or weeks…) MONTHS — figuring all this out – making sense of it, strategizing.   How many sales and leads have you lost to your competition in that time?  How much damage has been done to your online reputation and your company's brand?

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Look, it’s really frustrating to watch business owners and marketers struggle and fumble through LinkedIn.  Honestly, it’s painful to watch, when I have the answers.  For a limited time I’m offering this program to help others like I helped myself.  I truly believe there is “Enough To Go Around” and for a limited time am offering “LinkedIn Accelerator” at an INCREDIBLE DEAL of just $97.  I plan to at least double this price within the next few months, so this is a great opportunity for YOU to get this program at a HUGE DISCOUNT!

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