Yes I am a LinkedIn Evangelist for entrepreneurs!

LinkedIn is THE resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs to tap into an authentic, recurring revenue stream. My decades in the corporate world + my years working with medium businesses creating successful and profitable social media strategies + my experience helping small business owners and entrepreneurs find ways to establish expert status in their niche = powerful results for my clients!

My programs include:

• 30 Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge –
• Done for You LinkedIn
• Portraits and Profits Everything PR!

I believe that “social selling” is crucial to business today, and it doesn’t need to be stressful or take all of your time.

I believe in minimal effort to get maximum results.

I believe LinkedIn is the place to start your small business strategy for consistent revenue and authentic growth.

You started a business? My hat is off to you! That is an accomplishment worth celebrating. But I know the road to sustainability can be long and rocky. I’m here to make sure that happens for you!

Entrepreneurs are my passion, therefore my passion is you! Let me help you define your success, live your dreams, pursue your passion, and find clients and customers that need you and your expertise.

I believe a profitable social media strategy starts with a strong personal brand, and LinkedIn is where that starts. I want to help! Join “LinkedUp in 30 – LinkedIn Profile Challenge” today!


Ted Prodromou is America’s leading LinkedIn coach and the #1 best selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Linked In For Business. To get a free copy of his book simply register at On the podcast, Ted brings together some of the top LinkedIn minds in the country to share with you how they grow their businesses using LinkedIn and how you can, too.


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