Beth Granger: 

Do you know the difference between a hashtag and a handle?

✓ Are you concerned about the lack of a trusted adviser to help navigate the online or social landscape, overwhelmed by all the possible social media platforms, and don't know where to begin?

✓ Even though your business is successful, are you afraid you aren't getting enough qualified sales leads?

✓ Are you merging or acquiring a company and aren't sure whether to merge the website, corporate identity, or social profiles?

These questions and more are how I learn about you, your business or organization, and your competitors. That's how I learn what makes you unique. Then I help you with strategies to surpass your goals. l love helping people who may not be comfortable with technology to embrace its power. A client recently told me I accelerate the learning curve for social media and social sales. When clients are asked why they work with me the answer is frequently: She listened!

I also have a passion for teaching. My typical student is a business owner who doesn't have a marketing person, salespeople who are concerned about making their numbers, and job seekers who are fearful that their resumes go into a black hole when they apply to jobs.

Recent courses:
Linkedin Secrets for Business Development & Professional Branding
Social Sales Using Linkedin
Linkedin Sales Success in 10 Minutes a Day
Social Media & Networking Skills for Job Search
Web Usability Testing


Call me at so I can learn about your goals or challenges, if you'd like to set up a training session, or if you'd like to have me speak at your group or organization.


Ted Prodromou (pro dro mo) is America’s leading LinkedIn coach and the #1 best selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Linked In For Business. To get a free copy of his book simply register at On the podcast, Ted brings together some of the top LinkedIn minds in the country to share with you how they grow their businesses using LinkedIn and how you can, too.



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