Have you been folloing Mike Filsaime's latest promotion for his 7 Figure Code home study course? It's a classic "build the buzz" marketing campaign. I attended his event in February that became his course and it was one of the best live events I ever attended. Usually these live events turn out to be nothing but pitchfests for the speakers but this was nothing but pure content. Great business development content presented by highly successful businessmen. In fact there were over 500 people in attendance and at least 300 of them were earning over $1 million a year online. Not a bad place to network.

Back to the marketing campaign. Mike started building the buzz about his new course shortly after the event ended. Just like Apple did with the iPhone, tiny bits of information were released. Not much substance, just little teasers. As the launch date approached, more and more details were released.

Video testimonials from the event were released. Countless emails were sent by Mike. He started slowly and built up momentum as 7/7/07 approached. The entire campaign was beautifully centered around the number 7 which symbolizes prosperity. He started planning this product and the launch over a year ago. To create the product he invited people to a live 3 day event and charged $5000 each. I attended for free since I'm in his coaching program. I estimate at least 300 people paid $5000 to attend,

The drum roll got louder and faster as 7/7/07 approached. Mike's affiliates joined in as the launch approached. They warmed up their lists for a few weeks before the launch so everyone was excited.

The response was so overwhelming that Mike's servers crashed and remained painfully slow for a few days after the launch. He ended up selling about 700 copies of the program for $497 in the first 24 hours and could have sold more if the servers woprked properly. The price is going up to $797 soon and the bonuses are slowly expiring. It's an amazing program and worth much more than $497. I know because I was there when it was filmed. If you want to check out the program visit:


If you end up purchasing the program through my affiliate link, forward me your receipt and I will give you one month of free coaching, a $1000 value.

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Ted Prodromou

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