I hope you've been following the launch of the iPhone. It's classic marketing on steriods. I was calling it "drip marketing" because the way Apple has been dripping information for the past 6 months. They started with the big announcement at Mac World followed by small annoucements periodically since January. As we approached today's iPhone launch, they've been releasing more and more bits of information but not great detail. They've been teasing us like a stripper slowly starting to take off her clothes but she never actually takes anything off.

I heard someone yesterday call this "drumroll marketing" which is a great description for this campaign. As we get closer to the launch the drumroll got  louder and faster. Tonight at 6 PM we reach the climax as over a million iPhones are expected to sell today alone.

This is being called the biggest product launch ever. The iPod launch was huge and the 1984 Super Bowl commercials introducing the launch of the Mac was even bigger. But this is expected to be the biggest launch of a consumer product ever. Imagine the pressure they're feeligng at Apple today. What if the iPhone sucks and is a huge failure? What if it's worse than the Apple Lisa which was one of Apple's biggest flops.

Personally I don't see Apple failing, given their raving fan base. Steve Jobs has masterfully built an Apple-based culture and millions of raving fans that love everything Apple releases. Apple products are known for their ease of use and quality and the raving fans will pay premium prices for all Apple products. Apple computers sell for at least 50% more than a comparable PC and Apple fans are more than willing to shell out the extra bucks.

How can you build a herd of raving fans that will pay anything for your products?

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