An "Is it Ella or is it Memorex?" ad from 1973.

I'm really dating myself with this... 

Most of you are too young to remember this. 

There was a time when audio tape was the next big thing. 

Not video tape. 

Audio tape. 

This was pre-8 track tapes. 

There was a television commercial with a crystal glass that shattered when Ella Fitzgerald hit a certain note. 

Was Ella live or did the Memorex tape recording of her shatter the glass? 

It was a very effective commercial. 

Today, the next big thing is Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

ChatGPT is taking the internet by storm. 

Can AI write better content than humans? 

My friend Ron Person and I have been testing AI copywriting tools and we want to share our preliminary results. 

Today I did a live demo of ChatGPT and a few other AI tools in my Open Office Hours call.

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