It's 112 outside and my air conditioner is broken on a 3-day holiday weekend.

PG&E is threatening rolling blackouts and/or emergency power shutoffs to prevent more wildfires.

There is so much smoke in the air from wildfires that we can't go outside (not that we'd go out in 112-degree heat).

We did go to the beach yesterday which was great in the morning. By 2 PM the crowds forced us to leave because we didn’t feel safe. 

My wife, Ellen, and I are literally trapped in our 90+ degree house with fans blowing hot air at us.

I called about a dozen heating and air conditioning repair firms on Sunday when the 25-year old air conditioner conked out. 

It’s been very reliable over the years and to be honest we only paid for a few tuneups. We definitely got our money’s worth.

I was willing to pay for emergency service but…

None of the 24/7 emergency firms called me back.

Not one. 

On Monday morning, Labor Day, I received a phone call from highly recommended firm I found on Angie’s list. 

It was 7:30 AM and he said he could have a technician at my house by 8 AM. 

I asked him how much it would cost and he said the visit would cost $125 for the trip fee plus parts. 

I didn’t mention it was Labor Day and most emergency repairmen charge at least double their normal rate.

By 8:20 the air conditioner was humming and we were back in business. 

Great customer service, more than fair rates and the only part we needed as a capacitor on the blower motor. 

I was expecting to pay at least a grand for the repair on a holiday in record heat. 

I escaped with a bill for $250. 

I know we got our money’s worth out of our 25-year old system. It’s time to upgrade to modern technology. 

It will save us a ton of money since our air conditioner is now essential given our record breaking temperatures. 

In the past, we would use the air conditioner about 20 days a year for about 2-3 hours a day. 

The past two summers have been much hotter than normal with many days in the upper 90’s. Now we are routinely breaking 110. 

Did someone send us Las Vegas weather?

I’m going to invest in a new furnace and air conditioner. 

Guess who my preferred vendor will be?

He already sent me a quote while the other 11 vendors haven’t returned my phone call to repair my system.

You can’t beat great customer service!

How can you make your customer service extraordinary?

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