Say what? 

This is a term Perry Marshall shared in this month's New Renaissance Newsletter. 

We are creatures of habit. 

We tend to get into a rut. 

We hang out with the same people. 

We talk about the same things over and over. 

We binge the same type of shows on Netflix. 

We do the same morning routine. 

We get the news from the same sources every day. 

We drift through life in our comfortable bubble. 

Our tunnel vision prevents us from seeing the endless opportunities around us. 

Perry says we need to mix things up. 

Interdisciplinary stir fry. 

You can initiate your own interdisciplinary stir fry like when 4 million people quit their jobs a few months ago. 

Most had no Plan B. 

They hated their job, so they quit. 

Welcome to life without a safety net. 

Sometimes you're thrown into an interdisciplinary stir fry where you have no control. 

For the past two years, our lives have been disrupted like never before. 

Our routines disappeared overnight. 

Instead of slogging your way to work in stop and go traffic, your commute was cut from hours to a few seconds. 

Or your job disappeared, and you had no Plan B. 

The Pandemic created the ultimate interdisciplinary stir fry for all of us. 

Now that we're returning to "normal" we are settling into new routines. 

Our old routines no longer exist. 

Business is very different than it was in 2019. 

In 2019, companies were in control of the job market. 

Today, workers are in control. 

People who were working boring jobs just to pay their bills now want more in life. 

Another interdisciplinary stir fry. 

Workers want fair wages and benefits, so they don't have to work two or three jobs just to survive. 

They want better working conditions. 

They want security. 

I see thousands of job openings on LinkedIn with zero applications for well-paying jobs. 

Companies are desperate to hire but nobody is interested. 

Who knows how long it will take for the business world to stabilize. 

This interdisciplinary stir fry is far from over, but new opportunities are emerging everywhere. 

Now is the time to take off your VR headset and look around. 

Seize the day and embrace the new opportunities so you end up on top of the heap. 

P.S. Why have I been so quiet lately? I've been working on something very new, but I can't share the details yet. 

(hint: if it's good enough for Oprah...)

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