The master was in his element… 

Hiding behind his computer screen, I could hear his fingers typing furiously on his keyboard. 

Click, click, click,,, 


Click, click, click,,, 


Click, click, click,,, 

He stands up and shouts "You need to write a book about Twitter" 

That’s the advice I got for $6000 plus travel expenses to Chicago for a two day coaching session? 

This was way back in 2007 when "social media" was still called Web 2.0, the next evolution of the internet. 

In 2007, Google Adwords and search engine optimization (SEO) were the rage. SEO in those days was keyword stuffing your meta-tags and page titles. 

WordPress wasn’t even invented and most sites were still HTML. 

Twitter was just getting started and most tweets contained pictures of your latest meal (some things don't change) and some really dumb messages (as I shared the other day). 

At the time my mentor's furious research showed there wasn’t a published book about Twitter. That's why he told me to write a book about Twitter. He even offered to introduce me to his publisher, Entrepreneur Press. 

I could’ve been the first author to publish a book about Twitter but my limiting beliefs got the best of me. 

How could I write a 300 page, 75,000 word book about Twitter for a major publisher when I’ve never written more than a handful of blog posts? 

There just wasn’t a lot to say about Twitter so 300 pages was out of the question even if I used a huge font, lots of spacing and tons of screenshots. 

So I went home and I wrote an ebook about Twitter, about 50 pages of basic "getting started" information. Made a few bucks and moved on to other projects. 

A few month’s later, Joel Comm released the first edition of Twitter Power which instantly became a best-seller. 

He who hesitates is lost… 

This isn’t the end of the story as you know. 

The two day coaching event in Chicago was one of Perry Marshall’s infamous 4 Man Intensives. Four business owners go to Perry’s home and work directly with him in his home office to create a business strategy or marketing plan. 

Each person received an entire half day focused on their business then you got to help the others work on their business. 

The investment at the time was $6000 and it’s much higher now. 

You may be thinking what I was thinking, $6000 to hear "you need to write a book about Twitter" was outrageous but there is a very happy ending to the story. 

Perry did introduce me to his agent (I still love telling people I have an agent!) and he introduced me to Entrepreneur Press, my current publisher. 

My first two book deals for Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business and Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business included nice advances (recouping my $6000 investment many times over) and opened the door for two more editions of the LinkedIn book and countless business opportunities over the past 8 years. 


Perry invited me to speak at his upcoming Definitive Traffic Seminar which is more than icing on the cake. 

Would you like to join me in Chicago at Perry’s event? 

Early-bird pricing is still available (much cheaper than my $6000 investment) and I thought I could fly in a day early and we could do a private mastermind day the day before Perry’s event. 

You could also hang out with me at the event and I can introduce you to some of the top web traffic experts in the world. 

If you want to attend Perry’s event and don’t want to mastermind, that’s fine. I’ll see you in Chicago and we can hang out. 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Grab your seat right now before the early-bird pricing goes away 
  2. Forward your receipt to and I'll send you a nice gift.
  3. If we get enough interest, we will do a private mastermind day for a small fee (less than $500) to cover my expenses to rent a conference room. 
  4. If we don’t get 6-8 people for a private mastermind, we can hang out together at the event and I’ll give you a one hour complimentary consultation if you forward your receipt to me (only if you want a gift from me)
Perry’s event is a small investment to hang out with some serious A-listers so let’s meet in Chicago. 

>>> Grab your early-bird pricing

See you in Chicago!

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