Sales Navigator Updates for Spring 2020 | Ted Prodromou

Sales Navigator Updates for Spring 2020

LinkedIn released their Sales Navigator updates with some exciting enhancements. 

Smart Links Replaces PointDrive

PointDrive is being replaced by a new content sharing tool, Smart Links. In case you aren’t familiar with PointDrive, it was a tool which allowed teams to share presentations and content with their prospects. 

Think of the first release of Smart Links as the foundation of the new platform. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles in the initial release but more features will be added to the platform in future releases. 

Why the change from PointDrive to Smart Links?

According to LinkedIn, “Smart Links is our next-generation solution, incorporating the most popular PointDrive features into a fully integrated Sales Navigator experience.  We’ll unveil new Smart Links features in the coming months, but in short, Smart Links is a much easier way to package content and gauge, in real-time how the recipient engaged with the content. The transition from PointDrive to Smart Links is due to a combination of user feedback, PointDrive usage, and our desire to provide sales reps with real-time interest and intent signals.”

PointDrive will be retired on May 20,2020 and your shared team library will be discontinued. Don’t worry. This feature will be supported in a different manner in future releases of Smart Links.

Creating Smart Links bundles is super easy. Click on the link to Smart Links in the main menu of Sales Navigator. 

You can easily bundle documents together and share them with your prospects with one single link.

To create a new Smart Link, click on Smart Links in your Sales Navigator menu, click New Smart Link, enter a descriptive  name, drag the files you want to share in your bundle then Create Smart Link. The recipients of the Smart Link will see the name of your Smart Link so name it appropriately so they know what is in the bundle.

You can preview your new Smart Link before you share it. Always test new Smart Links with your team before you share it with prospects. 

Once you share the Smart Link with prospects, view the analytics to see who opened the Smart Link, how long they viewed each document and if they downloaded the document. 

This is the first release of Smart Links and new features will be added in future releases.

Contact Creation in CRM

LinkedIn continues to enhance the deep integration of Sales Navigator with CRM systems. Now you can create new CRM contacts directly from Sales Navigator when you are a Sales Navigator Enterprise customer with CRM sync enabled. 

This is the perfect extension to the Office 365 integration which lets you create new leads in Sales Navigator directly from an email. 

I received this email from a colleague then hovered over his email address, Data was pulled from his LinkedIn profile so I could see how many connections we have in common, his current job title and I could easily add his contact information to my Office 365 contacts. 

When I clicked on the IN icon, this summary appeared from Sales Navigator. With just one more click, I saved Eric as a lead in Sales Navigator. 

With this new feature in Sales Navigator I can also create a new contact in the CRM associated with my Sales Navigator account. (I don’t have a CRM connected to my Sales Navigator account because my business doesn’t justify the need for Salesforce or other large CRM products).

Search Enhancements

Sales Navigator search is already one of the most powerful sales prospecting tools and it’s getting better. Now you can share your best lead searches with your team members