Our neighbor is a professional magician and for the life of me, I can't figure out how he does his tricks. 

I can sit right next to him watching intently and somehow, he distracts me from seeing how he does his tricks. 

Look at my right hand while the left hand does the trick. 

There's a proposition on the ballot in California to legalize sports betting. 

Don't get me started on the California propositions. 

They are so confusing. 

You think you are voting for one thing but in reality, the real issue is buried deep in the fine print. 

Last year we thought we were voting to help gig workers, but the proposition did the exact opposite. 

End rant. 

I see a lot of sleight of hand in the promotion of Proposition 27. 

Of course, Draft Kings, FanDuel, and other online betting platforms want Proposition 27 to pass because it will add Billions with a capital B in revenue to their bottom line. 

We've been seeing television commercials for months, but we don't vote until November. 

This is a really big deal for sports betting platforms. 

The interesting story to me is all of the commercials, for and against, never mention Draft Kings or other online betting platforms. 

The ads are leveraging the impact on Indian tribes. 

One commercial focuses on the fact that out-of-state companies will be earning 90% of the revenue and only a small portion of the profits stay with California. 

The opposing commercials feature small Indian tribes who are too small to have their own casinos. 

They claim the bigger Indian tribes are hogging all of the casino profits. 

None of the commercials ever mention Draft Kings or Fan Duel. 

Every campaign is focused on the impact on Indian tribes, homelessness, and mental health. 

Maybe I'm missing something but the Indian tribes with casinos are saying this will impact their revenue because people will do their gambling online instead of traveling to the casinos. 

Last time I checked, there is no sports betting at our local Indian casinos. 

Are they afraid people will spend all of their gambling money on sports betting and stop playing poker? 

I know a few serious poker players and they will not stop traveling to the casinos. 

They love their poker, and I don't see them switching to sports betting. 

Online sports betting is on the ballot in California. 

The commercials are trying to tap into our emotions. 

Personally, sports betting doesn't tap into my emotions. 

I don't bet on sports or hang out at the local casinos, so I don't have a strong opinion on Proposition 27. 

Will it help the Indian tribes? 


Would I love to bet $20 on a football game now and then? 


Am I passionate enough to take a stand? 


I know Proposition 27 would let me be on sports, but the commercials are telling me a different story. 

Be clear on what you are offering. 

Make sure there is a demand for your offer. 

As one of my mentors once told me, your offer needs to be so clear that Homer Simpson would know exactly what he's buying. 

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