If you study marketing, you hear it all the time. 

When you're creating an offer or writing copy to promote an offer, you need to add bonuses. 

Lots of bonuses to sweeten the deal. 

The more bonuses you offer the more sales you will make. 

Is that true? 

You see it all the time in infomercials. 

"Call in the next 10 minutes and we'll upgrade your shipping to VIP" 

"Order your Gotham Steel cookware now and for a limited time, your order includes these additional bonus items - A $110 VALUE, YOURS FREE!" 

"Just five payments of $49.99 but if you order in the next 10 minutes, we'll drop one of your payments" 

Maybe I've been playing this game too long. 

I see someone offering a coaching program for $5000. 

The list of bonuses goes on forever. 

The higher the ticket price, the more "bonuses" you'll receive. 

I'm sure you've seen the promos where they add fake values to the bonuses. 

Add up the "bonuses" and it totals over $50,000 for a $5000 program. 

You're ready to pull the trigger but your mind turns from "sign me up" to being very suspicious when you see too many bonuses and unbelievable values. 

Many of the bonuses aren't congruent with the content of the coaching program. 

I feel like they're cleaning out their closet thinking they're adding value to the offer. 

Is the coaching program really worth $5000? 

Are the bonuses really worth $50,000? 


Maybe not. 

My good friend, Perry Marshall, is promoting a 6 month coaching program. 

Perry is the real deal. 

This coaching program is the real deal. 

The list of bonuses goes on forever. 

The bonuses include a boatload of assessment tools he uses in his business and access to his seminars and courses. 

Perry's bonuses are an integral part of his coaching program and completely believable. 

Perry says the bonuses alone are worth over $15,000 but I personally know if you implement just a few of the bonuses you will earn a lot more than $15,000. 

In his sales letter, he masterfully sets the stage and whets your appetite for a once in lifetime opportunity. 

Only five people will be accepted into the program, and you need to pay a deposit of $100 to apply. 

He compares your investment in his coaching program with the cost of college tuition. 

You feel like you NEED to be one of the lucky five who are accepted. 

The investment in the coaching program is $11,999. 

I bet you were expecting a higher number, weren't you? 

Does his laundry list of bonuses cheapen the deal? 

To be honest, it would take you six months to just go through his bonuses. 

You would be completely overwhelmed navigating his bonuses on your own. 

That's where the value of being coached through the massive amount of content is worth the substantial investment. 

I'm not here promote Perry's coaching program and I'm not personally investing in this session of his coaching program. 

I am here to tell you to find good mentors you can trust and follow them. 

Invest in their coaching and continue to follow them to see where they are taking their business as markets change. 

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