Recession, the R word, is everywhere. The sky is falling and every business is dying and we're all going bankrupt. Run for cover because this may be the end for all of us!

People hear the word recession and they panic. The press gets ahold of something and makes it seem a thousand times worse than it really is.  There’s so much conflicting news out there and the press just tries to scare the crap out of us. The bottom line is that if you provide a high quality service that solves your customers problems you’ll thrive in any economic environment. Many businesses thrive during recessions by providing products and services absolutely need and can’t live without. Business owners should look at what products and services they provide and add some recession proof items to their menu of offerings.

I found a great list of 107 free or low cost things you can do to market your business. Check out to see this great list compiled by Walt Goshert. It's a great list that should stimulate some ideas how you can thrive in any economic environment.

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